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Compassionate & Comprehensive Residential Treatment Center for Adults with Behavioral Health Disorders

"I took a walk in the woodsand came out taller than the trees."

- Henry David Thoreau


High on a mountaintop, alone amongst the majestic trees of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, lies a place of hope and healing.
Welcome to SUMMIT. A fully licensed and accredited residential treatment center with the ability to provide a full spectrum of professional, on-campus mental health care for those struggling with mental illness.
Over 100 acres of private, calming seclusion to focus on your treatment journey and begin the process of healing.


Hope. Healing.


Seeking treatment for mental health disorders takes courage. Yet by simply reading these words and thinking seriously about getting help for yourself or a loved one, you have taken the most crucial step toward finding life-changing recovery.

At SUMMIT, our dedicated and compassionate team members are your staunchest advocates for recovery and are fully committed to providing you and your family with a highly effective, comfortable and dignified treatment experience.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life which is why our fully credentialed and experienced staff provides unparalleled service to serve each person’s unique journey towards a lifetime of mental wellness.

Dignity. Compassion. Empowerment.

- Our Pledge To Every SUMMIT Client



7-10 DAY

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Standard Stay

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Flexible Stay

We Can Provide Personalized Programming to Meet the Needs and Schedules of Most Any Client

*Some options dependent on diagnosis at time of admission. All options will be presented before you commit to treatment.

Imagine Yourself Here

Solace. Peace.Reflexion.












& Burn-Out



SUMMIT can treat a broad spectrum of Mental Health & Co-Occuring Conditions. If you do not see a specific condition listed here, please contact us to inquire about our capabilities to treat your needs.

Setting New


The full range of proven, intense, evidence-based therapies administered within the calm and serene environment unique to SUMMIT sets a new standard in the effective care of mental health disorders.

Our mental health program was specifically developed to provide our clients with the ability to pro-actively manage their mental health condition by recognizing their unique stressors and how to react to situations in both their day-to-day life and those that may be unforeseen and more intense.

The complexity of mental health illnesses and their implications on a person's life, as well as their family and the lives of others around them, calls for the innovative, compassionate and superior care that SUMMIT has to offer.

You Can Get Better!

Our Unique Approach For

Positive Outcomes

Comprehensive & Coordinated Care is the hallmark of the SUMMIT Residential Mental Health Treatment Program. Our unique approach to care is designed to provide our clients with a solid foundation in recovery and teach them the skills they can utilize to maintain stability and presence of mind long after they leave the SUMMIT campus.

"An Exceptional Place for Exceptional Care"

Our People

Make The Difference

Going to treatment should never be a “bad experience." Yes, fighting a mental health disorder can be a tough battle. But the battle should only be waged with your disease, not your caregivers. From the very beginning, our caring and compassionate staff will be by your side all the way through. Here for you, from day one.

At SUMMIT, we are most proud of our exceptional staff. Professionals who have dedicated their lives and careers to helping people just like you overcome their mental health challenges through knowledge, compassion and respect.

Here For You. From Day One.

- The Summit Difference -

The team at SUMMIT is composed of incredible individuals, each with a unique skill set and a passion for humanity. Our team members were hand-selected based on a combination of their compassion and ability to provide the highest levels of evidence-based Residential Care.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another."

- Charles Dickens

Complimentary Service

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You May Receive Treatment at Little to No Cost!

We Accept Private Health Insurance From Over 80 Providers Nationwide.

All Verification of Benefits (VOBs) are free, confidential and without any obligation to enter into treatment. The information you submit will remain confidential and not be used for marketing.

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* SUMMIT Does Not Currently Accept MEDICARE or MEDICAID *

Questions &


We will be happy to answer any question you may have, no matter how small, regarding treatment services at SUMMIT. If you do not see your question listed, please contact us so that we may further assist you with your inquiries.

Can I Use My Health Insurance to Pay for Treatment Services at SUMMIT?

YES!  SUMMIT accepts health insurance from many  private insurance providers and we offer a selection of Self-Pay and Financing options as well.

Does SUMMIT Accept Medicare or Medicaid as Payment for Treatment Services?

NO.  SUMMIT is a private treatment facility and unfortunately we are unable to accept Medicare or Medicaid at this time.

Does SUMMIT Offer Full Medical Detox Services On Site at the Facility?

YES!  SUMMIT is a fully licensed and accredited residential treatment facility that provides complete in-house detox services on our campus.

Is SUMMIT Able to Accommodate Dietary Restrictions and Food Allergies for Meals ?

YES!  In order to meet the dietary needs of our clients, we can either customize your meals or provide an alternative meal option.

Can I Have Visitors While I Am in Treatment at SUMMIT?

YES!  After admission to our campus, you will be able to coordinate with your care team to arrange for family visitation.

Can I Use My Cell Phone or Laptop While at SUMMIT?

YES.  In collaboration with your care team, access can be permitted outside of clinical care restrictions.

Questions? 865-321-8233

All Calls, Consultations and Assessments are Free, Confidential and Without Any Obligation.

Every day at SUMMIT, people just like you successfully complete their treatment and leave empowered with the ability to successfully manage their mental health condition!

Mental Illness Does NotHave To Control Your Life!

Mental Health Disorders can not only be life-limiting but also life-ending. As with any other life-threatening disease, you need the best care possible when it is time to fight for your life or the life of a loved one.
Our experienced and compassionate Care Counselors are ready to listen to your challenges and discuss all the options we have available to provide you with the professional help you need most.

Today. Tomorrow. And Beyond.

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The information you submit will remain confidential and be used solely to discuss your challenges and the treatment options available to you at SUMMIT.

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“The Only Impossible Journey Is The One You Never Begin."

- Tony Robbins

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All Calls, Consultations and Assessments are Free, Confidential and Without Any Obligation


Hope. Redemption.

The Path Forward.

Find Your Way

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You Have Come This Far. Reach Out & Take Our Hand!

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